Gamescom 2017: Star Wars Battlefront 2 drops new Starfighter Assault trailer, features literally every ship ever

It’s well-known by now that Star Wars Battlefront 2 is looking to pull content from every corner of Star Wars canon with its multiplayer offerings. The game’s latest trailer out of Gamescom 2017, packed with fighter craft, some familiar, some lore deep cuts, only further confirms this.

The trailer begins with familiar ships — X-Wings, Y-Wings before showing off vessels from the Prequel trilogy like Trade Federation fights and Darth Maul’s Infiltrator. Star Destroyers from Prequel, Original and New Trilogy eras are also seen in the fracas.

The whole point of the trailer is to highlight the Starfighter Assault multiplayer mode, but similar gameplay will also find its way into the game’s much-vaunted single-player campaign.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 launches in Australia on November 17 on PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC. A public beta of the game is scheduled to run from October 4-9.