Geralt returns in The Witcher 3‘s first story DLC, Hearts of Stone

For those pining for more Geralt of Rivia in their lives, CD Projekt Red have announced that Hearts of Stone, the first story-driven expansion for their fantasy RPG The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, will release October 13.

Geralt has been hired to take down a bandit captain named Olgierd von Everec, who is supposedly immortal. Geralt will need to put together an Ocean’s 11-esque team of break-in artists, party with a ghost and face a range of new and weird creatures unlike anything he’s had to deal with before.

CD Projekt says the expansion will feature over 10 hours of new content, including a new system of Runewords that will affect the way the game plays, opening up a wealth of brand new strategies and tactics to be employed.

You’ll be able to pick the expansion up digitally (either alone or as part of the Expansion Pass paid DLC) but CD Projekt will also be releasing a retail version too, and this will contain a download code for the game and two actual physical decks of Gwent cards (!!!).

David Smith

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