Get a glimpse of Ant-Man‘s tiny nemesis “Yellowjacket” in the first full length trailer!


We’re being treated to so much Marvel goodness this year. In less than two weeks the new Avengers will hit screens and then less than three months after that we’ll have a brand new Marvel franchise to feast our eyes on… Ant-Man starring Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas. This is without question the smallest super hero in the Marvel artillery, but it looks like the film packs a punch all the same.

Following the teaser trailer coming out earlier this year, the first full length trailer has now arrived and you can watch it here! The trailer gives us our first look at Ant-Man’s tiny nemesis “Yellowjacket” aka Darren Cross, who’ll be played by Corey Stoll in the film. It also shows off more of what the Ant-Man suit looks like, how it operates and how his Ant sense will get all tingling. And there’s a Thomas the Tank Engine cameo? Now we’re talking. Also, look out for the Douglas and Evangeline Lilly zingers in the trailer… and Rudd? He’s still not a fan of the name.

Ant-Man is released in Australia on July 16th through Disney.