Get the answer to today’s In The House trivia question for Highlander

Every second Friday, guests to the In The House Screenings at Event Cinemas on George Street (Sydney) are treated to a trivia question from your friends here at The Iris. And here is where they come to find the answer! This week, the question concerns the classic 1986 film Highlander. And we made it a bit of a tricky one to get the third season of In The House started…

Today’s In The House Trivia Question:


Prior to the commencement of filming, Sean Connery made a bet with Director Russell Mulcahy that the Director wouldn’t be able to finish filming all of Connery’s scenes in the measly 7 days that Connery had made himself available for the film. In 1986, after all, the Scottish actor was one of the most sought after talents in the world.

In any case, Connery lost and Mulcahy won! Every scene in the film featuring Connery was shot in an impressive 7 day period.

We can’t imagine they slept much.

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