Get your first look of the return of Sherlock in the epic Victorian era Christmas Special.

It turns out that Doctor Who won’t be the only time-traveller on our TVs this Christmas. As we get our first taste of the much anticipated Sherlock Christmas Special – due to screen in the UK on Christmas Day – we also find out more about the special. Unconnected to the three series we’ve enjoyed to now, the Christmas special will take Sherlock and Watson back into the Victorian era (1895 to be precise), where – meeting tradition – they call each other by their surnames and get all proper like! Yes, this will be every bit of the creepy period mystery that Doyle’s classic detective stories are known for. And it’s looking epic.

Whether they have time-travelled, are lost in a dream, or if this is simply a more classic retelling of the Sherlock story with the actors from the modern series is not clear. But judging from the trailer, it does seem to be the last one – no gimmick, just a re-imagining of our characters in the 19th Century. But I’m sure whatever Steven Moffat has up his sleeve will be an interesting one, as he will for his Doctor Who Christmas special set to air on the same day.

The first new episode of Sherlock in some two years will premiere on Christmas Day on BBC in the UK, and Stan Australia promises to be screening it not long after. Select cinemas are also expected to screen the episode both in the UK and here in Australia.

For more details, keep your eye on (where you can time your 30 day free trial accordingly) and The Iris. As soon as we know when and where you can see the episode in Australia, we’ll let you know!