Gfinity’s Australia Elite Series to pit Sydney against vastly superior Melbourne once again

Gfinity Esports Australia have announced the first two clubs to join their Gfinity Elite Series Australia City league. The newly minted Sydney Chiefs and Melbourne Avant will move the long-running argument over which of Australia’s two largest cities reigns supreme into the esports arena. It’s Melbourne though. Everything’s better here. Obviously.

The Sydney Chiefs and Melbourne Avant were formed in partnership with local esports heavy hitters Chiefs Esports Club and Avant Gaming. The two teams will face off in the weekly City league across Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Rocket League and Street Fighter V along with a further four teams that remain unannounced but, really, does it matter who they are? I mean, Melbourne are going to win. Teams will play on custom-built PC rigs provided by Alienware, probably made in Melbourne where all the best things are from.

Gfinity are talking the Elite Series Australia competition up as the 20/20 Big Bash of Australian esports, promising huge action from talented players broadcast on television and online from their recently announced esports arena in Sydney (but it’s fine, they’re building one in Melbourne too which will definitely be superior).

David Smith

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