TV Review: Girls Season 4, Episode 5 “Sit-In” (USA, 2015)


At first glance, “Sit-In” looks like another classic Hannah Horvath temper tantrum. The difference here is that at the end of it Hannah gets up, packs her bags, and leaves Adam for good. I’d call that progress, wouldn’t you? Well, in the context of Hannah, that is.

If I had returned from a month in Iowa to see my recent ex-boyfriend, who happens to be living in my apartment, and found that he had a brand new girlfriend and a brand new life, I’d be pretty upset too. Fine, I may not camp out in his bedroom for such an extended period of time that I’d have to pee in a bucket in the corner, but I’d be pretty upset.

So it’s no wonder that when Hannah returns home to find Mimi-Rose Howard (guest star Gillian Jacobs) in her place she has a little bit of a meltdown. After confronting Adam about the fact that it has only taken him a month to find someone new after the break down of their relationship, Hannah decides she’s going to take a little nap in Adam’s (or her?) room. Adam calls in re-enforcements: Shoshanna and Jessa. Marnie is M.I.A since she has begun officially dating Desi, and so Shoshanna goes in first. The girls google Mimi-Rose and find that she’s one successful lady, which does nothing to help Hannah’s state of mind. Jessa tries next, but creates more problems that she solves. She tells Hannah to get over it and then hits Hannah in the face. Jessa is the only character that seems underwritten this season, which is a real shame because she’s always been my favourite.

With Marnie still missing, and Hannah still camping out in his apartment, Adam calls in his sister Caroline (guest star Gaby Hoffman) and Ray, neither of whom are much help. When Marnie finally shows up with apologies and Chinese food, she breaks Hannah out of her stupor with some actually decent advice: let Adam go. Who is this girl and what has she done with Marnie Michaels?

Hannah finally agrees to leave, but before she does she and Adam have the dreaded chat. Adam makes Hannah admit – to both him and herself – that their relationship hadn’t been working for a while. When it worked, it worked – Adam tells her that there was a time when he couldn’t see himself being with another person – but in the end, they won’t be the artistic love story that Hannah had envisioned. This really did feel like the end for Hannah and Adam; this scene was heartbreaking, but it felt like the end. Even though Hannah can’t see it right now, this might just be the best thing for her as she continues on the path that Iowa has set her on.

I’ve never been a huge fan of Hannah and Adam as a couple and they’ve both changed and grown so much that they don’t fit anymore. I hope they stay separated, at least for the time being – they’ve both got so much more growing to do, and they can’t do it together. I’ve got to hand it to Girls – this show used to infuriate me, but after a string of great episodes I find myself looking forward to watching it again. Girls is back to season one form, and I hope that the rest of the season proves as insightful, honest and entertaining as the beginning has been.


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