Interview: Greg McLean & John Jarratt talk Wolf Creek Season Two, survival horror and the Aussie outback

This Friday Australian viewers will dive right back into the chilling world of Wolf Creek as Stan plans the second season to their successful miniseries adaptation of the horror franchise. Director Greg McLean is back on board, creating this six-part outback horror epic exclusively for Stan with John Jarratt reprising his role as self-righteous backpack-killer Mick Taylor along with a diverse cast that includes Tess Haubrich (Alien: Covenant), Matt Day (Underbelly, Rake), and Laura Wheelwright (Animal Kingdom).

The Iris caught up with both McLean and Jarratt to discuss the project head of all six episodes being released on Stan this Friday 15th December. This one’s a bit different to both films and last year’s first season, and as McLean tells it, it’s finally coming full circle for what the showrunner originally intended when he first came up with the idea for Wolf Creek.

Watch both parts of our interview here:

Wolf Creek Season Two will premiere on Stan this Friday 15th December.