Guess who’s coming to dinner. Jon Snow.

jon snow dinner guest

Poor Kit Harrington; Game of Thrones has put him and his Jon Snow through so much over the show’s past four seasons that he seems to be forever doomed to a life of social inappropriateness and awkward New York dinner conversations. When funny man Seth Meyers invites Snow over for dinner in the below sketch, things get a little dark as Jon proves to be the world’s worst, and most depressing, dinner guest.

The brooding brother of the Night’s Watch took some time out of his busy schedule parlaying with Stannis Baratheon to at least try – and to be fair, he really does try – make some new friends. Jon’s a bit too open though, and it just so happens that talking about your father being decapitated, your brother being murdered at “his own” wedding, or a child killing your ex-lover is a bit too much for people like Jon Lutz and Meyers’ other buddies.

Harrington shows some great comedic chops here, as he acts out certain pivotal scenes from Game of Thrones to at least try and explain himself to his potential new friends. Watch the video below, it’s hilarious.

Game of Thrones Season 5 premieres on April 13th in Australia, screening on FOXTEL at the exact same time as the U.S premiere