Guns, violence and some kick-ass characters, check out Resident Evil: The Final Chapter‘s trailer

Feast your eyes on this. After 15 years, six films and US$915 million dollars in box office dollars, the Resident Evil franchise is finally coming to an end, which will be bittersweet news for fans all-round who have loved and followed the films in the past.

In a teaser trailer which was dropped only a couple of days ago, female lead Milla Jovovich will be hanging up her guns for good in this last film installment, but won’t give up without one last fight. The trailer is filled with violence, guns and just overall, creating a kick-ass beat to the film. Something we’d all expect really considering the last action-packed films the franchise have offered already.

Fans of Game of Thrones will also take notice of Iain Glen‘s appearance in the movie as Umbrella Corp. mastermind Dr. Alexander Isaacs, Shawn Roberts will be reprising his role as the evil Albert Wesker. Furthermore, Alice will be fighting alongside Ali Larter’s Claire, who appeared in Resident Evil: Extinction and Resident Evil: Afterlife. Aussie actress Ruby Rose will be also part of the film as she joins the team as Abigail, fresh from her acclaimed role in Orange is the New Black.

Check out the trailer below!

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter has a U.S release date on 27 January 2017