Hearthstone‘s older cards are about to cop a bit of a nerfing

With Hearthstone‘s big Whispers of the Old Gods expansion looming, Blizzard have announced that a number of older cards will be undergoing changes to bring them into line with newer and forthcoming decks.

Blizzard doesn’t want you thinking they’re nerfing cards for the sake of nerfing cards, though. “There’s a simple guiding principle that underlies each of the changes you’re about to see,” reads the press release. “New card releases should have an impact on Standard and enrich Wild, to make sure that Hearthstone is always as dynamic, fresh, and fun as it can be.”

So which cards are getting changes? Druid cards are getting soundly debuffed: Ancient of Lore now only draws one card instead or two, Force of Nature is now a Cost 5 card, and loses its Charge ability and Keeper of the Grove is now a 2 Att/2 HP rather than a 2 Att/4 HP card.

Certain Silence and Removal cards have gotten a touch more powerful. Ironbeak Owl is now a Cost 3, Blade Flurry jumps to Cost 4 and Big Game Hunter is now a Cost 5.

These are just a handful of the extensive and wide-ranging changes that Blizzard have instituted and you can check out the full list at the link above. While many of them won’t change the course of play too drastically, especially when you start adding all those delicious new cards into the mix, it will no doubt cause a stir among those meta-game players who like their decks hyper-optimised.

Hearthstone‘s Whispers of the Old Gods expansion releases April 27 on PC, Mac and mobile.