Here we go. The final Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer has arrived!

It’s the movie destined to shoot 2015 into the record books in terms of cinematic attendance and ticket sales. Between Universal Studios’ Minions and Furious 7, Disney’s Avengers and Inside Out… and now the new Star Wars movie, this has been an incredible year for the film industry. But few films this year have people quite as excited as the Seventh Star Wars film, and now the final trailer has been released.

What we’ll say about the trailer is this: firstly, it doesn’t seem to be too ridden with spoilers, so don’t be too afraid to watch it. We do get a brief glimpse of Princess Leah in the trailer and we get to see a bit more of Han Solo in action. It’s clear the Rebel Alliance (now simply the “Resistance”) are keen to continue Darth Vader’s plans, and Han Solo is able to confirm all the “stories of the past” as true to our new cast. There’s no Luke Skywalker in the trailer, though he’s assumed to be the cloaked character with R2D2.

Watch it here. And then watch it again. And again…

Star Wars: The Force Awakens will hit Australian theaters on December 17th, a day ahead of the rest of the world! Opening Day tickets just went on sale, and many locations have already sold out. Get on it!