Heroes of the Storm‘s Eternal Conflict update arrives today

Blizzard’s MOBA/hero brawler Heroes of the Storm kicks off its first major promo campaign today with the launch of the Eternal Conflict update. The Diablo-themed update brings new playable hero  The Butcher as well as a new battleground, mount, fresh mercs, Treasure Goblins and more.

The update also applies a number of tweaks to every character already in the game including drastic changes to The Lost Vikings, Malfurion, Rehgar and Brightwing that completely alter the way those characters are played. Some items, including heroes, skins, bundles and mounts, have been added and removed from the Heroes store and the pricing on baby Murloc hero Murky has been altered. You can check out the complete patch notes right here.

Over the next few months the update will add a further two heroes to the game – King Leoric and the Monk from Diablo III.