Heroes of the Storm‘s new Dark Nexus event finally opens the door to lore

Heroes of the Storm, the hero brawler/MOBA title that mashes all of Blizzard’s most popular heroes together like action figures in a toy box, hasn’t ever really felt the need to explain itself. This set it apart from other Blizzard games where lore and backstory have always played a crucial part in keeping players hooked. With the third anniversary of its launch now on the horizon, Heroes is finally introducing some in-universe lore with its new Dark Nexus event.

This first major lore drop comes in the form of a comic called Rise of the Raven Lord which explains the how the event gets started in the first place. Game Director Alan Dabiri and Creative Content Lead Kevin Johnson go into the how and the why of the sudden introduction of lore to the HotS universe in a blog post at the game’s official site.

What is the Nexus? Where did it come from? How the hell does it work? Why does it seem like no-one can escape it? How are all these universes connected beyond just being Blizzard games? It seems like Blizzard is finally ready to start answering these questions and we’re keen to hear the answers.