Heroes: Reborn teased during the Superbowl in the USA


Superbowl fever was at an all-time high yesterday for America (and parts of the world) and of course, it’s an event that also provides high-end entertainment for its people by way of its often hilarious commercials. Then there are the film and TV trailers…

Out of this year’s batch, there’s exciting news for fans of the TV series, Heroes, which originally debuted in 2006 and ran four four seasons. Yesterday, the teaser for Heroes: Reborn, was launched during the Superbowl. The teaser of the upcoming mini-series is only fifteen seconds long and suggests a mysterious yet intriguing return to the cult series. The NBC teaser captions, “For those with special abilities, a new era awaits.”

The 13 episode mini-series will premiere in the US later in the year.