There’s a Hunger Games exhibition coming to Australia direct from the USA

The Hunger Games: The Exhibition is headed to Australia during its worldwide tour, bringing Aussie fans a behind the scenes look at the creation of the YA dystopian franchise, with a showcase of over a thousand props and costumes. 

The seven gallery exhibition, which opens at Sydney’s International Convention Centre on December the 20th, will feature some of the film’s iconic props such as Katniss’s the Girl on Fire dress, as well as the Mockingjay armor and pin. Fans will be able to explore District 12, the tribute train (which promises to feature plenty of ‘mahogany’), The Capital and District 13. Visitors will also get a chance to interact with explorable maps, and try out the Game Maker’s control table.

“The exhibition offers visitors an unparalleled experience, bringing them inside the world of Panem,” says Jenefer Brown, Lionsgate Senior Vice President of Location Based Entertainment.

Tickets will be on sale from Ticketek on Tuesday September 13. VIP admission will cost $97 and general admission tickets will cost $37. The exhibition will run until early February.