Hunt For The Wilderpeople is the highest grossing New Zealand film of all time in Australia

The New Zealand film Hunt for the Wilderpeople has had an impressive run in the Australian box office, and now it’s been revealed that it has officially become the highest grossing Kiwi film of all time at the local box office. We assume that statistic doesn’t include any of the Lord of the Rings films, of course. It opened here on May 26th and remains in the top ten some 8 weeks later, having brought in about $9 million along the way.

The highly acclaimed film (currently enjoying an awe-inspiring 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes), stars Sam Neill and Julian Dennison and is based on the Barry Crump novel Wild Pork and Watercress. The film was directed by Taika Waititi, who previously delivered another hit film to the box office – Boy – and is currently in Australia filming the latest installment in the Thor series.

The film is also the highest grossing New Zealand film on home soil, having overtaking Boy earlier this year.

Hunt for the Wilderpeople is in cinemas now.