Interview: Catrin Stewart talks Doctor Who and pushing diversity representation boundaries and meeting fans at Oz Comic Con

Australian television fans would probably recognise Catrin Stewart from her most notable role as Jenny Flint on Doctor Who. The character of Flint began as a maid to Madame Vastra (Neve McIntosh), a Silurian lizard woman who also is a bit of a Sherlock Holmes-type, along with her trusty Sontaran assistant Strax (Dan Starkey). However this colourful trio of characters quickly became fan favourites and went from guest stars to being written into several episodes.

Visiting Brisbane and Sydney for Oz Comic Con, Stewart sat down with us to discuss her work on Doctor Who, the diversity and representation on the show as well as who she would’ve liked to work with out of the companions.

Catrin Stewart appeared as part of the Brisbane and Sydney Oz Comic Con 2017 tour.
Brisbane Convention and Exhbition Centre – 23rd and 24th September
ICC Sydney Darling Harbour – 30th September and 1st October
Oz Comic Con Will return in 2018.