Interview: DJ Qualls on typecasting, working on The Man In The High Castle, Fargo and Supernatural

DJ Qualls is that guy, a character actor whose face is recognisable, but as he puts it for being the “weird cousin Joe” type and not your typical attractive Hollywood type. But with his IMDB page boasting 50+ roles and some of those including cult movies like Road Trip and The New Guy and more recently in some award winning TV series like Fargo and The Man In The High Castle he has rarely been far from our screens be it large or small.

Visiting for Oz Comic Con Melbourne 2017 we sat down in a roundtable interview with Qualls to discuss his work. In the process he tells a variety of stories, about not just his work on those shows but shenanigans at San Diego Comic Con, the struggles of being an actor and Hollywood typecasting. Check out our multiple videos below.

DJ Qualls appeared as part of Oz Comic Con Melbourne 2017 held at the Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre on 1st and 2nd July 2017.
You can see DJ Qualls in Season 3 of Fargo available on SBS On Demand and also The Man In The High Castle on Amazon Prime Video Australia.