Interview: Matt Okine and Harriet Dyer open up on The Other Guy and onscreen diversity

The Other Guy is a new series that looks at life ten years after the ‘happily ever after’ we usually see portrayed in rom-coms. It examines the complexities and awkwardness of returning to the dating scene, of having to find new watering holes, avoiding the people who make you feel awful and generally just trying to move on with your life after a horrible break-up.

This brand new Australian TV series about to land on Stan delves into the all too real but often rarely portrayed situation of what to do after a breakup and how to get back on the dating scene horse.
We sat down with show creator/writer/producer/actor Matt Okine and his costar and all round beautiful human Harriet Dyer to talk about The Other Guy, having honest TV portrayals, onscreen gender and racial diversity and why that representation matters.

All 6 episodes of Season One of The Other Guy will be available to stream on Stan from Thursday 17 August.