Justin Lin fills Star Trek: Beyond trailer with action, Beastie Boys, and more

Justin Lin’s Star Trek: Beyond looks like a hell of a lot of fun in the first official trailer for the 2016 film. Lin, who is best known from the Fast & Furious series knows his way around cutting-edge, tense action and it looks like we’ll be getting a lot of that, hopefully working in a plot that somehow makes up for the mess that was Into Darkness.

Captain Kirk (Chris Pine) is still jamming out Beastie Boys classics it seems, as the playful trailer begins with, and sticks to, a soundtrack of “Sabotage” which plays us through all the big action beats that show us enough footage so that can at least try piece together a plot, involving a supposed crash landing on a hostile planet.

Zachary Quinto will make a return as Spock, sharing what the actor has said will be many scenes with Karl Urban’s Bones. It’s also looking like we’ll get a big involvement from Sofia Boutella and the film’s villain, played by Idris Elba.

“Beyond” is the third film in the current Star Trek series, and Lin’s first job at the helm of such a massive pop culture beast. J.J Abrams will still be on board, but will serve as the film’s producer.

Star Trek: Beyond opens in Australian cinemas on 21st July 2016