Kathleen Hanna documentary and fanzine released

the punk singer

Bikini Kill singer Kathleen Hanna was famous for being the reluctant leader of the 90s ‘riot grrrl’ movement. Later becoming the lead singer of group Le Tigre, Hanna began to shy away from the spotlight, but her more recent life and musical pursuits have been captured in the film The Punk Singer.

Hanna is one of the most famous feminist icons of the 90s and rose to fame for her outspoken cultural views and revolutionary punk-rock music. The Punk Singer uses archival footage and interviews with Hanna to delve into her career and life, and into contemporary music.

Along with the film, a fanzine has been created by Melbourne artist Jo No Mercy, exclusive to the Australian and New Zealand release of the film.

Both the film and the fanzine are available to download through iTunes.
More information can be found at The Punk Singer official website.