Lally Katz stars in film adaptation of Stories I Want to Tell You in Person

Making her screen debut at at the Melbourne International Film Festival and on ABC Television, Lally Katz will be starring in the film adaptation of her one-woman show, Stories I Want to Tell You in Person. The film adaptation of her play will be screening this August.

The production of the play follows a modern-day woman’s quest of having it all with its use of art, comedy and drama. The Matchbox Pictures production will be presented by both Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) and Screen Australia.

With her charismatic and infectious personality, Katz applies herself engagingly in Stories I Want to Tell You in Person, forming a relatable journey for her audience as she searches for the answers in a very unique and dynamic way.

Stories I Want to Tell You in Person bases Katz story on the challenge of balancing her career life and finding love – with her move from Australia to New York and back again as a factor of her struggle. Here, her casting members includes grumpy Hungarian neighbour Anna (Robyn Nevin – reprising the role she played in Katz’s play Neighbourhood Watch), a drug store manager (Ronny Chieng), a talking Bear (Mark Dickinson), her interfering subconscious and two very expensive New York psychics (all played by Katz) and their roles help aid in telling her personal story.

Working closely with director Erin White and the producers, Katherine Slattery and Rita Walsh, Katz explains her work on the screen production, “It was really fun getting to depart from the stage show and actually write scenes where I got to talk to the other characters. A real highlight was Robyn Nevin playing my neighbour Anna, watching Robyn Nevin playing Anna in the stage play I wrote about Anna. That probably doesn’t make a lot of sense…! Playing myself (and various New York psychics) was actually a big challenge. Especially since I had somehow written myself into every shot. It was really interesting learning how to balance my energy so I could make it through the whole day of being constantly on camera or getting ready for the next scene. I found that eating constantly was a big help.”

White then expands on the creative decisions made on the film adaptation and the concerning thematic idea behind Stories I Want to Tell You in Person , “I found when looking at the piece that Lally’s work is filled with moments of magical realism and encounters with day to day enchanted happenings like love and serendipitous occurrences. It was important to use this magic theme, and also pay homage to the original theatre piece, by retaining a sense of “stage-iness.” Playing with the magic of cinema by using fluid camera moves and scene transitions, and lighting changes that magically evolve during shots, I wanted to imbue the piece with a floating otherworldly feel.”


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