Martin Freeman is in South Australia right now filming a zombie thriller based on a Tropfest short

Martin Freeman, best known for his work in Sherlock, Fargo and The Hobbit, is currently in Australia bringing to life a heart-wrenching zombie thriller. Cargo is based on a Tropfest short which garnered well over 10 million views online, and tells a harrowing tale of family love.

Martin Freeman plays Andy, a father who has been infected by the killer-outbreak. Stranded in outback Australia Andy has just 48 hours to find his infant daughter a guardian who will keep her safe when the virus takes over. When he meets a young Indigenous girl on her own quest, he discovers that an isolated Aboriginal tribe may be able to provide him with the salvation he seeks.

David Gulpilil (Rabbit Proof Fence, The Tracker), Anthony Hayes (Animal Kingdom, The Light Between Oceans) and Susie Porter (Little Fish, Star Wars: Episode II), will star alongside Freeman, in Tropfest finalist Ben Howling and Yolanda Ramke’s debut feature film.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Freeman’s agent said “genre’s not really his thing” However, after reading Ramke’s script the Actor decided to take on the project which he described as “unexpectedly powerful.”

Cargo is currently in production in South Australia and is expected to hit cinemas in 2017.