Metal Gear Survive is Konami’s attempt at a Metal Gear game with zombies

The first official Metal Gear game since Hideo Kojima left Konami has been announced, and it’s a four-player co-op game with zombies. Ok, what?

Metal Gear Survive takes place in an alternative timeline after the event of Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes. After the destruction of Motherbase by Skull Face and his XOF team, a giant wormhole appears in the sky, pulling the remains of Motherbase, and all of the soldiers who were still alive, into it. Players will find themselves on a large desert landscape and must avoid the biological threats that roam the area. The Metal Gear story was confusing enough before there were wormholes, now I can never explain the storyline to my friends.

Metal gear survive 2

Metal Gear Survive will have a group of four players trying to survive against a new, zombified threat. This wouldn’t be a Metal Gear game without some sneaky sneaking, and though you will have a new arsenal of weapons at your disposal, stealth is still the best option. Currently, there is no information about what the new weapons exactly are, but the trailer shows a soldier using a Bow with  an Arrow that has a drilling appendage attached to the front.

Metal gear survive 3

Metal Gear with zombies is the first Metal Gear title Konami will be releasing since the departure of series creator, Hideo Kojima.  Many believe that Kojima is what makes Metal Gear, well, Metal Gear. Since his departure, Kojima has created his own studio, Kojima Productions, and is currently working on Death Stranding, a game where Norman Reedus holds a baby while corpses of random aquatic creatures surround him. What we’ve seen of it so far is Kojima at his quirky best.


Metal Gear Survive has the elusive release date of 2017 and will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam.