Michael Bay-produced TV series Black Sails Season 1 now available on Blu-Ray and DVD


Treasure hunting TV series Black Sails has enjoyed a successful first season this year, with the Michael Bay-produced show filling the need for a pirate-themed television show in the current landscape of popular fantastical TV. Anchor Bay Entertainment has now delivered the Starz Originals series on home release, following the show’s premiere season on Foxtel’s Showcase.

Black Sails is an action-heavy series based on history’s most notorious pirate captains, following the story of New Providence Islands’ most fearsome prirate, Captain Flint (Toby Stephens). With the show taking viewers all the way back to 1715, Black Sails is a well-produced, well-acted depiction of a lawless territory controlled by some of the most feared and dangerous figures of that time.

In the show, Captain Flint aligns himself with the daughter of the local kingpin, Eleanor Guthrie (Hannah New), to hunt the ultimate prize and ensure their survival. As the British Navy returns to reclaim their land and eradicate the pirates, Flint must first overcome rival captains, Eleanor’s ambitious father (Sean Cameron Michael), and John Silver (Luke Arnold), a fast-talking young addition to Flint’s crew.

We all know that TV shows like this are best experienced via chain-watching, so owning it on home release is essential, especially with the holiday season now in full swing. Own it today on Blu-Ray or DVD.

SRP: Blu-Ray: $59.95; DVD: $49.95
Rating: R18+
Special Features:
– Black Sails: A Look Inside
– A Dress to Kill
– Pirate Camp
– Folklore is Finished: Pirate Politics
– A Place in History
– Building the Behemoth