Microsoft Windows 10 to launch July 29th

Microsoft have announced that the newest iteration of their venerable OS, Windows 10, will launch July 29 in 190 countries around the world. Microsoft are obviously very keen to sweep the almost universally maligned Windows 8.1 under the rug with the cleaner, apparently more user-friendly OS.

The operating system will be made available for free to anyone running Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 for a year following release and, says Microsoft, they’ll honour that as a purchase with free updates and support for the lifetime of the device you install it on.

For those looking to pre-order a spare copy, Microsoft says reservations will begin in a few weeks but have not confirmed any pricing, following a leak of alleged price points on Newegg overnight.

Welcome back, Actual, Proper Start Button. We’ve missed you.