Mulder and Scully return in the trailer for the new X Files series

It’s here! The long-awaited official trailer to the X Files reboot has been sprung upon the internet and fans of the show are losing their minds. FOX released the two-part trailer, giving us a look into what Mulder and Scully are up to after all these years, in between showings of Gotham and Minority Report. They should have suspected that fans would capture both trailers and put them online as soon as possible.

Both David Duchovy and Gillian Anderson have noticeably aged, but the chemistry and urgency which soldified The X Files as one of the greatest and most influential TV shows of all time still seems to be there. It looks like we’re getting a mix of both stand-alone and mythology-building episodes, with the breathing space a TV series allows; which is why we have no doubt in our minds that this return will be nothing like the sub-par films.

The X-Files will premiere on FOX with a special two-night event in late January. Australian screening details have no been confirmed but you can be sure it’ll be fast-tracked.