New Girl’s Jake Johnson joins Tom Cruise and Annabelle Wallis in Mummy reboot.

Known for his work in New Girl, and a recent brush with Chris Pratt’s left shoulder in Universal’s Jurassic World, Jake Johnson will join the cast of The Mummy alongside Tom Cruise, Sofia Boutella and Peaky BlindersAnnabelle Wallis.

Under the direction of Alex Kurtzman, the story will take place in the modern day, with Cruise set to play a Special Forces soldier. Wallis will play an archaeologist in the film, while Boutella, best known for her breakout role in Kingsman: The Secret Service, will bring the titular monster to life.

Johnson, in a role written specifically for him, will also play a member of the military.

While little more is known about the film’s plot, it’s rumoured to be aiming for a tonal shift away from the previous Brendan Fraser franchise.

Set for production next month, the film, like Jurassic World, will serve as a tentpole for Universal’s cinematic monster universe.

The Mummy returns June 9, 2017.

Via The Hollywood Reporter.