New report suggests SNES Classic Mini is on the way

Sources close to popular gaming news website Eurogamer have indicated that Nintendo will follow up its wildly popular Mini NES console this year with a Mini SNES in time for Christmas.

While Eurogamer’s source provides only scant information on the unannounced device, it would certainly make sense given the recent hysteria surrounding the Mini NES (or Nintendo Classic Mini: Nintendo Entertainment System if you prefer Nintendo’s rather unweidly branding) to make a move on the SNES, arguably Nintendo’s most popular console.

The hardware present in the Mini NES would be more than up to the challenge — for a system that plays games from 1986, the Mini NES had more grunt under the hood than Nintendo’s current 3DS consoles. Theoretically, Nintendo could simply alter the emulation software to run SNES titles, repackage the device shell to look like a little SNES, change exactly none of the hardware and still have tons of computational and graphical horsepower to spare.

While it may seem as though a Mini SNES console would be an obvious win, we’ll have to wait and see if Nintendo will pick up the SNES-shaped ball and run with it. Our fingers are firmly crossed.