New trailer for Pixar’s Inside Out takes us into the human mind…


As Disney’s Big Hero 6 hits cinemas with plenty of Pixar charm, the next film that’s actually produced by Pixar – Inside Out – has a new trailer doing the rounds, which you can view below.

The film literally takes us into the mind of a child – Riley – as various emotions guide her through the experiences of her day to day life. We have Joy (Amy Poehler), Fear (Bill Hader), Anger (Lewis Black), Disgust (Mindy Kaling) and Sadness (Phyllis Smith). Talk about perfect voice casting! The film is directed by the Director of Monsters Inc and Up, Pete Docter, who via the latter, brought us one of the most emotionally powerful sequences in the history of Pixar. The man knows how to tug with your emotions!

Conceptually, the film is without question the studio’s most original film to hit screens since Up in 2009, and given Docter’s track record, we’re already sold that the concept won’t just work but will hit plenty of home runs while they’re at it. With The Good Dinosaur out in November, the film will be one of two released by Pixar in 2015 following a rare year absent from our screens (the first time since 2005). And then we have Finding Dory and Toy Story 4 to look forward to in 2016 and 2017, respectively. But I’m getting ahead of myself here…

The trailer provides more than a proof of concept rather than an indication of what we expect from the film itself story wise, but what we do know from the clip is that whatever happens, it should be pretty hilarious.

Inside Out is due to be released in Australian cinemas on June 18th, 2015.