New Warcraft video showcases Travis Fimmel as “The Warrior”

Aussie actor Travis Fimmel (Vikings) who stars as Anduin Lothar in the upcoming Warcraft movie has been featured in a new character video entitled “The Warrior” released by Legendary Pictures.

The video follows a new image recently released of Fimmel as The Lion of Azeroth, holding his sword and looking mighty fierce.

Recently, the film’s director Duncan Jones (Moon, Source Code) spoke about casting Fimmel as the Alliance hero and wanting the movie to also appeal to those who have never played World of Warcraft, the phenomenally popular game by Blizzard Entertainment the movie is based on.


The image and video come as the international release of the highly anticipated and big-budget fantasy epic Warcraft: The Beginning draws closer.

It hits theaters in Australia on June 16.