Nightmares come to life as Stranger Things unleashes one final trailer before its release

After a commercially and critically acclaimed first season, the Netflix exclusive series Stranger Things is back for its second season, and it’s right around the corner, with all episodes releasing October 27th. And to get everyone a little more excited, today they’ve released one final trailer to tease us of the coming mystery…

This is not the first look we’ve had at the second season of Stranger Things, but after a Michael Jackson filled Thriller of a trailer (pun intended), this second look at the show gives us a deeper, darker look at what we can expect, as Will’s unnatural condition takes him into the upside down, and might just be a problem for everyone else in the town of Hawkins in the near future.

Filled with tonnes of 80’s references, the show seems to retain the charm that made the first season so great, while aiming to take fans even deeper into the dark supernatural world that is the upside down. And oh yeah, Eleven is back. With hair! But you can check every single bit of the newest trailer for yourself down below:

You can catch the second season of Stranger Things exclusively on Netflix as of the 27 October.