Optus teams up with Netflix to offer free subscriptions, and Ricky Gervais wants to tell you all about it

ricky gervais optus netflix promo pic

With Netflix finally launching in Australia and New Zealand today, all eyes are on the online entertainment service and it’s promising potential to shake up what we know of Australian subscription television/streaming. Already the service has attracted praise for their very reasonable price point and humongous collection of new and classic films, series, documentaries, and more. To further this inevitable spread of Netflix, the service has teamed up with Optus to offer package deals which would see customers receive extra data plus six months of Netflix for free. The deal is so good that even people who gain nothing from it are getting involved…like Ricky Gervais.

In the videos below, Ricky “World President of Entertainment” Gervais announces the partnership to Australia with his standard tongue-in-cheek, on the way to his daily body wax appointment. “I don’t want to put any effort into it, I want to do it sitting down”, Ricky told Optus in his hilariously blunt manner when they approached him about taking on one of their famous ‘Yes’ adverts to promote the new partnership; a partnership which very well may launch Optus further into the entertainment industry.

It’s interesting to watch Optus push further into the world of entertainment, and who better to do it with than what has already been touted as the quintessential entertainment service in the country. Whether this will lead to more excellent entertainment deals like the current one remains to be seen, but for now we’re just glad to get some genuinely funny content from Ricky Gervais and to know that there’s an avenue to free Netflix that people would actually want to take, and which gives you much more than six months of free access to a comprehensive library of quality content.

To find out more about which Optus bundles come with six months of free Netflix head to their official website.

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