Our first impressions of Alicia Vikander as Lara Croft in the Tomb Raider reboot

With the first trailer for the new Tomb Raider adaptation out in the wild, it’s safe to say that Warner Bros. Pictures is taking into account Square Enix’s reboot of the Tomb Raider line of games as a heavy source of inspiration when it comes to the story and Lara Croft herself.

The first thing noticable about Alicia Vikander as Lara is how proportionate she looks. Gone are the days of oversized breasts and impeccable hair, no matter what the situation. Finally Lara seems like less of an over sexualised object, and more of a legitimate character within a franchise.

In that respect, Lara Croft looks strikingly similar to Tomb Raider‘s recent gaming iterations, and given the critical and commercial success of this revived Tomb Raider, that seems like an origin story is the wisest choice right now. Alicia Vikander has all the features of the newer, younger Lara Croft, an explorer looking to branch out and become who she is destined to be.

The latest trailer gives us an overview of the story, but does not follow the exact lines of Square Enix’s reboot. While Lara does get stranded on an island, this is not the focus of the film, as her father’s past work and pursuit of evil organisation Trinity play a part here as well; something that did not come into play until Rise of the Tomb Raider. While the action still seems over the top, there is a much more grounded feeling here compared to the original 2001 film. There also seems to be room for slightly comedic moments, as UK comedian Nick Frost makes an appearance, as Lara dons here signature dual pistols.

You can check it out for yourself in the trailer below:

Tomb Raider is yet to announce an official release date, but expect it to hit theatres some time in 2018.