Overwatch doesn’t have the monopoly on cosplay dogs today, Xbox is getting in on it too

With the Overwatch Puppy Rumble now in full swing, it seems like everyone’s getting in on the Lunar New Year and Year of the Dog shenanigans. Xbox are the latest to board the doggos-in-cosplay train and you’ve got to see what they’ve come up with. I mean, its dogs dressed up like video game characters. If that’s not enough for you to click the headline, I don’t know what is.

Called Xbox Cos-Pups, the video features a number of extremely good dogs dressed in cosplay fashion by canine clothing designer Roberto Negrini  from the TV series Furry, Fierce and Fabulous. Witness the announce video below.

They’re good dogs, Brent.

The costumes  also come with truly groan worthy puns like Master Chihuahua, PUG-G and Pawza so buckle up for those if your pun threshold is on the low side. Please use the amount of heckin’ good pups on offer to soothe you.

That’s it, that’s the story. The only news value is that its dogs in cosplay and honestly that’s all we need. Enjoy your day.

David Smith

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