Overwatch‘s latest animated short is here to make you ugly cry about Mei

It’s been nine months since the last Overwatch animated short made its debut, part of the announcement for the then-latest hero Sombra. There’s been rampant fan speculation about which character would get the Pixar treatment in the months since and now, as Gamescom wraps up, we have our answer.

Mei, we take back every mean thing we ever said about you.

The short features Overwatch‘s bubbly, Chinese scientist and chief ice enthusiast, Mei-Ling Zhou. Mei has been the object of player ire since the days of the closed beta for her ability to change the course of a match with a well-timed ultimate and ice gun that lets her freeze opponents in place, ready to be picked off.

The short focuses on Mei’s time as a science officer at Overwatch’s Ecopoint: Antarctica, a location known to players already as one of the game’s 3v3 brawl maps. In cryosleep with her research team during the Omnic Crisis and the resulting fall of Overwatch, Mei awakens to find that her situation is far more dire than she first thought.

Fair warning, this one’s pretty sad. You can check out the short embedded above.

The short follows news of Junkertown, the game’s latest map, out of Gamescom 2017 this week.

Overwatch‘s 2017 Summer Games event and its current competitive season wrap up in just a few days now’s the time to start getting the last of those skins.