Overwatch‘s new map Oasis is going to murder you with cars

Overwatch‘s newest point-capture map Oasis has arrived on the public test servers overnight and despite its idyllic surrounds, it is home to a threat altogether new to the game: vehicles. The level is bordered by a highway filled with cars travelling at speed — cars that, rather than being decoration, will kill you instantly should you get in their way. Hit the jump for a video tour.

Source: Ale Da Best

Quake III and Unreal Tournament fans of old will also be thrilled to see the return of that greatest of team shooter tropes, the jump pad. This pads will launch players high into the air, giving them not only an aerial advantage but also granting those heroes without any verticality of their own a chance to reach higher ground for a change.

Oasis is currently only available on the PC-only Public Test Realm for the time being, but its presence there suggests it will arrive in the game proper before long. After all, Blizzard are going to want to have as many of their ducks in a row as possible before the game’s third competitive season kicks off at 11am AEDT on December 1 (holy crap, that’s tomorrow! Fingers crossed). Blizzard did mention that they expected the map to release across all platforms during December so we won’t have long to wait.

Still waiting in the Test Realm for her moment in the spotlight is the redesigned Symmetra. Blizzard have continued to tweak her new abilities since the reveal last week, and we’re hoping both she and the new map will drop together.