Interview: Producer Geoffrey Wexler talks living in the shadow of Ghibli in Mary and the Witch’s Flower

Earlier this week I caught up with Producer Geoffrey Wexler, who talked about Studio Ponoc’s first feature, Mary and the Witch’s Flower. Comprised of ex-members of Studio Ghibli, we talk about creating the film in the shadow of the iconic Japanese animation studio’s legacy, creating strong female characters and working with an incredible English cast. We also ponder why Ghibli founder Miyazaki didn’t attend a screening of the film…... Continue Reading

Interview: Aussie actress Loren Kate on transforming into Sean Young for Blade Runner 2049

Out on DVD and Blu-Ray this week, the critically acclaimed Blade Runner 2049 is set to impress audiences all over again with its incredible story and visuals. One of those impressive visuals, was the inclusion of Sean Young – just as she looked in the original. This was achieved thanks to CGI and a double, who was played by UK-based Aussie actress Loren Peta. I caught up with Loren earlier this week to learn more about what it took to bring the Sean’s character Rachel back to life.... Continue Reading

Film Review: Sweet Country (Australia, 2018) is Australia’s answer to To Kill A Mockingbird

Man on the run. Sweet Country is based on the true, Australian story about a point in history where justice was put on trial. For this reason, it has echoes of To Kill A Mockingbird except that here, Atticus Finch isn’t a lawyer but a preacher played by Sam Neill. The result is a shockingly brutal and important film.... Continue Reading

Interview: Swinging Safari director Stephan Elliott on finding the truth in his comedy and why he will never work in America again

Primarily known for the defining Australian classic Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, writer/director Stephan Elliott is hoping his latest cinematic venture earns similar status and praise.  A labor of love, Swinging Safari is a semi-autobiographical comedy that expresses the trials and tribulations of Elliott’s own childhood through a series of wild montages that highlight the sexual freedom of Australia in the 1970’s.... Continue Reading

Nintendo’s newest Switch gamble is a line of build-it-yourself cardboard toys called Nintendo Labo

Let it never be said that Nintendo are afraid to take a gamble on a big idea. Still riding the immense wave of success generated by the Switch, Nintendo are doubling down on interactivity with Nintendo Labo, a line of build-it-yourself toys made out of cardboard. I know, I know, like most Nintendo announcements, it sounds insane. Hit the jump and watch the trailer, it’ll make more sense then, I promise. Continue reading Nintendo’s newest Switch gamble is a line of build-it-yourself cardboard toys called Nintendo Labo

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