PAX Aus 2018 tickets are on sale now, go get em

With only 199 days to before before the best weekend of the year, badges for PAX Aus 2018 are now on sale and early bird pricing is currently in effect.

Passes went live this morning and the early bird pricing shakes out much as it has in previous years. Here’s the break down:

3 Day Badge: $165 AUD
3 Day Badge (International): $165 AUD
Friday Only: $62 AUD
Saturday Only: $62 AUD
Sunday Only: $62 AUD
Bring Your Own Computer: +$45 AUD

These prices are not to be confused with the $500 Ultimate Gamer pass that EB Games have been peddling the last few days. That pass, as ReedPOP’s Global Gaming Content Director Guy Blomberg was quick to point out, is largely separate from PAX Aus proper beyond the inclusion of the Three Day PAX Aus badge.

You can purchase your badges now over at the official PAX Aus website.