Penny Dreadful preview: Poetry, pain and a padded cell

“God has forgotten me. He can’t find me here.” – Vanessa Ives

Like season two’s memorable “The Nightcomers”, this week Penny Dreadful hones in on a pair of characters portrayed by two remarkable actors in “A Blade of Grass.”

With the support of Dr. Seward (Patti LuPone), Vanessa (Eva Green) recalls the events that took place while she was in “the white room where there was no time” in the most harrowing and heartbreaking episode of Penny Dreadful yet.

Against a stark white backdrop where shadows slither, the fourth episode of season three is deliberately slow-paced, which along with John Logan’s carefully crafted words, allows viewers the time they need to fully absorb Vanessa’s ordeals during her time in the cell. Here she faces her truest demons, while we discover the extraordinary strength of her spirit.


Written by John Logan and directed by Toa Fraser, “A Blade of Grass” airs on the Showtime channel on Foxtel on Wednesday at 8.30pm. In the meantime, you can watch a chilling scene from the upcoming episode here.

Photos: Eva Green as Vanessa Ives/Showtime