PlayStation turns Detroit: Become Human helper android loose in Sydney, Australians predictably alarmed

Quantic Dream’s newest cinematic, choice-based adventure title Detroit: Become Human hit store shelves this week. Adored by our reviewer and reviled by others, the game was always going to be a polarising one. To capitalise on the hype surrounding the game and its story about humans treating androids as awfully as they treat each other, PlayStation Australia dressed a local actor like one of the Cyberlife Androids from the game and released them onto the streets of Sydney to see how the public would react.

People were, predictably, a bit wary of Sony’s android. The results of their “social experiment” might be a bit skewed for a couple reasons: 1) Humanoid, life-like androids aren’t exactly a common phenomena in 2018, and 2) Sony seems to have gone out of their way to make their android boy look as horrifying as possible. Look at this monstrosity:

This mangling of the laws of god and man is a far cry from any of the beautiful, smooth-skinned androids that litter the game. Jesse Williams doesn’t look like that, Sony, and you know it. If people were weirded out, I suspect its because the android looks like he’s melted a bit.

Anyway, you can watch the video of the android having his makeup applied and taking some pretty cute dogs for a walk in the embed below.

Detroit: Become Human is out now on PlayStation 4.