Pokemon GO dev Niantic’s next mobile title will be Harry Potter themed

Warner Bros Interactive Entetainment and Niantic have finally, officially, spilled the beans on their Harry Potter mobile collaboration. A boat that had become particularly leaky in the last few days, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will turn players into real world wizards and witches in much the same way Niantic’s megahit Pokemon GO turned players into IRL Pokemon trainers.

The game “will reveal that magic is all around us,” reads the press release. As they did in Pokemon GO, players will have to get out and go for a walk to really make the most of the game, exploring their neighbourhoods and uncovering artefacts, new spells, beloved characters (can’t wait to bump into Luna Lovegood at Highpoint for no reason) and Fantastic Beasts.

No further media beyond the key art you can see in the header for this piece was included in the press release, but we expect to see a trailer and screens in the fairly near future. Stay tuned, Hogwarts graduates. You can hit up the official website for more.