PSX16: Naughty Dog announces The Last of Us Part II

If there’s one thing a good press conference has to have, it’s a good “One more thing …” moment. Just such a moment occurred at the PlayStation Experience showcase this morning when Naughty Dog closed out the show with a surprise announcement: The Last of Us Part II, the follow-up to their 2013 smash hit, is in early development.

The trailer gives us a brief glimpse of Ellie (played again by Ashley Johnson), now older than in the original, bloodied and strumming on a guitar. She sits in a trashed home, filled with bodies. She is joined momentarily by Joel (Troy Baker).

The trailer is also running on Naughty Dog’s new engine, providing pretty insane graphical fidelity. We know these things are often pre-rendered to within an inch of their lives for hype purposes but, boy, did it look pretty.

The announcement of The Last of Us Part II meant that Naughty Dog bookended the whole show, with Uncharted: The Lost Legacy opening the proceedings.