PSX17SEA: Hands on: Detroit: Become Human (PS4)

Being a massive fan of Quantic Dream’s previous titles like Beyond: Two Souls and Heavy Rain, as soon as I got into the venue, I made a beeline to the booth. The demo on the floor was the same available at E3, where you play as Connor, an android negotiator working with the Detroit PD on site to subdue an android gone berserk and try to save a hostage.

The game looks amazing, bringing back Quantum’s classic realistic style albeit graphics look less awkward than it did in Until Dawn (well it did to me). It also brings back the interaction mechanics of previous games as soon as it starts, which I absolutely enjoyed from previous titles, using different movements of the analog stick alongside various buttons and the touchpad to interact with objects and the environment. Another Quantum classic: everything you do and not do can be the defining choice of whether you succeed or fail. Looking around me, this feat was absolutely apparent as fellow players missed out on details I didn’t and that had caused them to fail.

Maybe I should be an investigator… Nah, I’m pretty happy playing investigators in video games.

Although I wish I wasn’t rushed (the booth staff for some reason gave me a time limit for the demo, which I wasn’t informed beforehand and one I was never given at other booths), I managed to successfully complete the demo. And I honestly can’t wait for more.

Detroit: Become Human will be released exclusively on PS4 sometime in 2018.