Q & A announces line-up for “A Place To Change Your mind” next Monday Nov 10


Next Monday 10th of November on ABC, 9:35pm (AEDT), Tony Jones, will be joined with a panel of strong-minded people across all disciplines of politics, science and public affairs:

  • Baroness Susan Greenfield who is a British neuroscientist that believes technology is altering our brains;
  • Environmental Minister, Greg Hunt, who is overseeing the rollout of Direct Action;
  • Labor ‘true believer’ Anthony Albanese, Shadow Infrastructure Minister;
  • 2014 Australian Representative to the UN Laura John, who is campaigning towards the end of poverty; and
  • A young free marketer from The Institute of Public Affairs’, James Paterson who has made the claim that we don’t need ABC anymore.

Q&A is simultaneously broadcasted live around the country on ABC, ABC News 24, ABC News Radio and Australia Plus Television as well as in the Pacific region and Asia.

Members of the public can get involved in Q&A in a variety of ways:

  • Register to be part of the Q&A live studio audience at abc.net.au/qanda;
  • Submit questions for the panel, also at abc.net.au/qanda;
  • Contribute to the discussion via Q&A’s Twitter highlights feed, using #qanda;
  • Follow @qanda on Twitter to receive first-hand updates about the program and panel members