Seven Films (and One Special Screening) not to miss in Australian cinemas this July!

  • Larry Heath
  • July 1, 2015
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July has arrived! And with it are a string of the American blockbusters that usually come with it. But, that won’t stop the variety, with documentaries about famous musicians, a take on the later years of Sherlock Holmes and the return of an Anime classic amongst the films we’re excited to see on the big screen this month…

Terminator: Genisys – In Cinemas: 1st July

Judging from the previous two movies, we aren’t expecting Terminator to blow us away with its story – especially now that time travel is front and centre – but we are expecting a big blockbuster now that Arnie is gearing up for one of his biggest roles in years. We can expect a lot of references to the other films, and they may border on self-parody, but we’re also counting on some really exciting action sequences that will place this film as the ultimate in escapism.

Amy – In Cinemas: 2nd July

“Even for those who aren’t fans of Amy Winehouse’s music, this is a fascinating film to watch and some of the raw footage of her early performances are a joy to see. Sadly we’ll never know what could have been.” (Taken from Carina Nilma’s review of the film)


Magic Mike XXL – In Cinemas: 9th July

ZOMG Channing Tatum and Joe Manganiello are coming to Australia to launch Magic Mike XXL and will be at an exclusive fan event at Qantas Credit Union Arena Sydney, walking the red carpet and then hosting a Q&A for the fans after the film’s screening on Monday 6 July. Fear not though, if you don’t happen to live in Sydney you can get your share of delicious sexy dancing men on the big screen from the 9th July.

Also, fun fact: so far this film has been better reviewed than the new Terminator film. But that doesn’t mean we can’t be excited about both.

Ant-Man – In Cinemas: 17th July

One of the littler known super heroes in the Marvel Universe (pun intended), is making his Cinematic debut in our second Marvel film so far this year. And honestly, it’s going to be worth watching for this very reason. Marvel have yet to truly disappoint in this series – and with Ant-Man being the 12th film to be released within it, those are some good odds. Though it is worth mentioning tat this is one of the few Marvel films to have enjoyed some turmoil with original director Edgar Wright stepping down fairly early on in production. Paul Rudd, however, who also helped work on the script with frequent collaborator Adam McKay, as well as Edgar Wright & Joe Cornish, looks to be keeping it all together. Also, his suit is pretty hilarious:


Interesting to note, too, that Ant-Man will be the official end of the “second phase” of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with the third phase starting off with Captain America: Civil War next May. It will be interesting to see how both Ant-Man and the other introduced characters in Phase Two (the Guardians of the Galaxy) will come to be involved in the final run of TEN films (if you include the next Spider-Man film, which is an interesting proposition in itself…)

Mr. Holmes – In Cinemas: 23rd July

“It’s not hard to believe that a man and mind as great as his would be frustrated as he begins to lose his faculties. It also would not be hard for us to see that it’s possible for a man to change his ways, and accept that emotions play a part in our lives. Mr Holmes is a fascinating imagining of the Sherlock Holmes story, giving the character of Holmes a far more realistic and believable portrayal all of which is carried masterfully and perfectly by Sir Ian McKellen.” (Taken from Carina Nilma’s Review)

Insidious: Chapter 3 – In Cinemas: 23rd June

The Insidious Series has proved itself to be a reliable, if not slightly ridiculous, supernatural horror series with a great, genuine sense for fear. With the way Chapter 2 went, we’re looking for the third entry to build upon the mythology of Insidious and hopefully shed some more light on the mysterious, unique overarching plot.

Mission Impossible Rogue Nation – In Cinemas: 30th July

Notwithstanding the ridiculous second film in the Mission Impossible series, this is a fairly consistently enjoyable franchise. The fifth is looking to be no exception. Plus, this time, Alec Baldwin is along for the ride…

Akira – Special Screening: 31st July (Sydney Only)

Heralded as one of the greatest animated science fiction movies of all time there’s an exclusive “In The House” event at George St Cinemas Sydney screening of Akira. It’s been a long while since this anime classic has been shown on a cinema screen and fans of this cult film should be pretty excited to have their chance to see it again. And if you’ve never seen if before? Well now’s your chance! For more details on this special screening, head to:

Article by Larry Heath, Chris Singh and Carina Nilma. For all upcoming full release dates head HERE