Shooting Starts for Season 3 of Josh Thomas’ Please Like Me

please like me

Shooting is underway in Melbourne for the third season of Please Like Me, an international television comedy success created by Josh Thomas. Comedian Thomas wears multiple hats for the series, as creator, writer, and star, and will be making his directorial debut in an episode for the upcoming season. Thomas reveals, “This time around I’m going to direct an episode for the first time, which I’m pretty sure will involve me wearing a monocle and yelling action into a cone.”

For those unintroduced to the wacky world of the show, it features Josh who, after breaking up with his girlfriend in Season 1, realizes that he is gay. He moves back home to care for a mother who has depression, and deals with a series of crazy relationships including an anxious boyfriend and an unmotivated best friend, in his own quirky way. The complications in Josh’s life are set to ensue as more characters arrive in the third season.

A new addition to the Please Like Me family is Emily Barclay, who joins the cast. The actress is known for her performances in Light Between Oceans, Suburban Mayhem, and ABC’s upcoming Glitch. She is also a humble winner of an Australian AFI, IF Award for Best Actress, and British Independent Film Award. Thomas also provides his seal of approval, describing Barclay as, “funny and adorable and great.”

All of the original cast members are set to return, as well as the key creative team. Again in what is set to be a stellar third season, the cast will be competing for the limelight which seems to always be taken over by the loveable cavoodle, John.

Please Like Me will be simultaneously aired on the ABC and Pivot network (

And without further ado –

5 Things We Love About John the Cavoodle!

  • He pooped on Josh Thomas’ bed when he invited Tom (now boyfriend) to sleep over.
  • John never leaves Josh’s side. If he is left at home he will cry for half an hour (What a loyal and loving companion!).
  • John has a soft toy named Brendan. When Josh asks him where Brendan is, he will run around the house to try and find the toy.
  • Dr Chris Brown consulted John about the possibilities of having a bad hair day on an episode of The Living Room (We all know that is not possible!).
  • John loves dressing up. He even wore a tuxedo in an episode of Please Like Me.