Street Fighter V launches February 16 on PS4, Dhalsim confirmed

Fighting game fans, we have a release date. Street Fighter V will release on February 16 in the US and Europe. The announcement came during Sony’s Paris Games Week press briefing.

Executive producer Yoshinori Ono debuted a brand new trailer that unveiled the latest character to join the lineup, Dhalsim, one of the longest serving characters in the series since his debut in Street Fighter II. Dhalsim becomes the 15th character to be added to an already impressive list of names, leaving one mystery character still to be added to complete the 16-character launch roster.

Further, Ono announced that Capcom will be releasing another six characters as DLC within the first year of release, showing a teaser image of fighter’s silhouettes. Capcom also reminded players that these characters will also be unlockable through the course of play but can be paid for with the in-game currency called Fight Money if you’d rather just have them right away.