SXSW Interview: Ethan Hawke on directing Blaze Foley’s story in Blaze

Ethan Hawke‘s film about iconic country blues singer/songwriter Blaze Foley has been praised by critics since its premiere at Sundance in January, and last week it was Austin’s turn, with Blaze screening at SXSW. At that event, held in the city where Blaze lived for much of his life, we caught up with the Hawke to find out more about what drew him to this unique character and story.

“His story is fascinating; for me, it was a slow unfolding of coming across a few of his songs. My favourite song of his was “Clay Pigeons”…I was really moved by that story [of his life]. I saw visions of other people I knew, artists who’d been met with total indifference by the world.”

Check out the full interview below!

Blaze screened last week at SXSW in Austin, Texas.